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Redds Apple Ale Reviews

What comes to your mind if you are doing barbeque grill or a birthday party of one of your friends. A nice and cold “beer”. Drinking your favorite beer with a fruity flavor like apple plus the smell of a smoke grilled burger while watching your favorite sport. hmmm! And you might tell yourself “Ahh This is the Life”.

One of the very interesting drinks that you can find in the market today is Redd’s Apple Ale. Whenever you search something like beer or an apple ale, There is really one that is very popular, The Redd’s Apple Ale. So, what’s the deal? Redd’s Apple Ale is a hard cider with a crisp of an apple. Redd’s Apple Ale price is affordable for its content. You can also try it’s new flavor which is the Redd’s Wicked Apple. Just make sure to do your research before buying one or better yet you can even try it yourself to personally experience the flavor.

Redd’s Apple Style

Redd’s Apple Ale has different flavor. The Redd’s Original flavor, Raspberry flavor and Blueberry flavor. Each has 5% alcohol volume. Just enough to have a slight amount of alcohol for the weekends

Redd’s Food Partner

A great way to enjoy Redd’s Apple Ale is having a perfect match of food. It can be a delicious hot grilled smoked steak with a bunch of french fries. Or it can be a fresh big butter baked salmon with fresh veggies. Either way its all up to you how you will enjoy it.

Redd’s Apple Ale Nutrition

Redd’s Apple Ale has its own nutrients that can help our body. For example carbs that can give us our daily energy and also can protect our muscles, small amount of B Vitamins and Potassium. Drinking beer can also gives you good cholesterol.